Designed and engineered with your eye comfort in mind.

Clearly Digital Protection Lenses – Beamspecs

What makes BeamSpec lenses different?

Designed to counteract digital eye strain from digital displays, BeamSpecs are a complete breakthrough in lens technology.

Beamspecs was founded by an optician, who in his 15 years of experience, noticed a major difference between premium and basic frames –  the design and construction of the hinge. Most frames he noticed were constructed with cheaply made hinges that became loose and flimsy and eventually fell apart with standard wear and use. A loose hinge would mean the frame didnt sit right on the wearer’s face and ultimately, once the hinge fell apart would render the glasses unwearable.

For this reason, all Beamspecs frames are made from high premium quality and all of the hinges are made to withstand normal wear and tear. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for premium frames, try out Beamspecs and see our difference in standard of quality for your self.

Beamspecs is not a lens company, it’s a high quality frame company. This is why we are using lenses only by Zeiss, the leading manufacturer in lens design and technology.

Glare, Smudge and Scratch – Free.

The newest coating technologies combine to provide a high quality lens with easy maintenance features. The hydrophobic outer layer, which prevents smudges, repels water and dust, eliminates the necessity for continued cleaning and wiping. The anti-reflective coating reduces computer glare. The same glare that might be harmful to your eyes. It’s time to take a look at the world in high definition.

Effective and Performant without losing clarity.

The ideal balance of clarity and effectiveness. The optional blue light filtering material in our unique lens gives it an edge in performance. Filtering 50% of high-energy blue light and up to 95% at peak wavelengths without the yellow tint. BeamSpecs are transparent protection that allow you to concentrate on your job rather than your headaches.

Stylishing, High Quality Frames

Our frames are made from high quality, scratch-resistant materials. They come in many modern, fresh, and trendy styles that will be perefect for any face type or preference.

Lenses For Computer Screens – Beamspecs
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