Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do BeamSpecs blue light protection glasses work?

Our glasses filter out the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices such as computers, smartphones, televisions, tablets, fluorescent lights, and LEDs.

Who should wear BeamSpecs blue light protection glasses?

Our computer glasses are ideal for anybody who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, on their digital devices.

Why choose BeamSpecs Eyewear?

Our lenses strike a good balance between clarity and effectiveness. Other computer glasses are yellow in appearance and have a low transmittance rate. The glasses are exceptionally thin, light and have a clear image, making them seem like a normal pair of eyeglasses when you’re wearing them. Our frames are made with cellulose acetate, the same material used by most high-end eyewear brands and our selection of vintage and classic styles will keep you looking sharp.

Blue Light

What is blue light?

Blue light is a color of visible light with the greatest energy and shortest wavelengths, which are produced by digital devices such as computers and mobile phones. With its high energy, blue light has the potential to reach deeper into your eyes to the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light has been linked to eyestrain, an increased chance of macular degeneration, and disruption of the sleep cycle.

Lens Technology

What makes BeamSpecs lenses better?

We set out to develop computer glasses that we would wear ourselves, so we only looked for the finest – and we’ve discovered it. Our lenses are made of blue light-filtering material rather than a reflecting coating. We use premium materials to produce high-quality eyeglasses. Our glasses can filter up to 95% of blue light while maintaining transparency. Our lenses also eliminate glare and feature a scratch-resistant new coating technology that keeps your lens free of dirt, scratches and smudges.

Fit & Sizing

Are there different sizes?

All of our faces are unisex and intended to fit most face types. The dimensions of each model are provided in the product description, such as 52-18-145. Measuring units are millimeters and indicate lens width, nose bridge length, and temple (arm) length, respectively.

Tip – Compare these dimensions with your favorite glasses or sunglasses to discover a comparable fit.


How do I submit my prescription?

Take a photo with your phone and attach the file when you order your glasses. You will see an option to add a prescription. Please include your name and purchase number!

Can you fill my prescription?

We’re able to fill prescriptions with Sphere (SPH) between -8.00 to +4.00 and Cylinder (CYL) between -2.00 and +2.00. If you have astigmatism, please make sure to have both Cylinder (CYL) and axis values. If you fall outside of this range or if you need help reading your prescription, please send us an email at

What is your return policy for Rx orders?

We dont offer returns on prescription lenses.

Do you offer bifocals, prism, or progressives?

We do not offer bifocals, prism, or progressives. At the moment, we can fill single vision prescriptions between SPH -6.00 to +4.00 and CYL -2.00 to +2.00.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?

We provide free exchanges and additional recommendations based on your current fit. We also give risk-free returns for all of our eyewear after delivery for a full 30 days. Email us at if you would like to request a return or exchange.


When can I expect my order?

The processing time depends on the type of order, and when you place the order.

Order Type and Estimated Shipping Times:

Non-Rx Glasses – Ships within 2-5 business days

Prescription Glasses – Ships within 5-10 business days

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