Blue Light Computer Reading Glasses

Some people experience unusual sight issues after using a computer to work, read, do a school assignment, or any other task that requires much focus. However, blue light technology offers the best solution to such computer usage sight problems. Using the best blue light computer reading glasses, you can use the computer or laptop for many hours without affecting your eyes.

This advanced glass lens uses advanced technology that is near clear. This means that you can minimize eye exposure while maintaining the glamor of the colors you see. These glasses are available in various types as disclosed below;

Types of Blue Light Glasses

These are the blue light glasses for men and women that can help you use your laptop or computer comfortably. Our physician will help you with making the right choices.

  • Unmagnified
    The unmagnified blue light glasses do not have magnification in the glass lenses. However, they are designed to reduce screen glare using tinted lenses or an anti-reflective lens coating.
  • Partially Magnified
    These glasses have magnification at the bottom, but the top part is unmagnified. These are ideal for people that use different devices throughout the day.
  • Fully Magnified
    The fully magnified glasses have magnification on the lens. In addition, they have a lens or coating that is anti-reflective to minimize eye strain.
  • Multifocal
    This type of glasses has three distinct viewing areas; the bottom part carries your reading power, the intermediate part carries viewing power, and the top provides conversation power.
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